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SSFW 21-22 "IMMIGRANT" Leather Slide NFT

As Julian Medina approaches the launch of his first fashion collection, DIONYSUS SSFW21-22 "IMMIGRANT" LEATHER SLIDES NFT will be his introduction into the NFT space.

Julian Medina acknowledges the potential of the block chain in a direct to consumer market along with the power of being able to permanently track a product.  

In fashion, acknowledgement and perpetuity to the creator/designer ends almost immediately after the original sale. Allowing a designer perpetuity on a product that Is hand sewn will bring a new dynamic to the fashion industry and will allow artist control of their work, long after original sale.

DIONYSUS SSFW21-22 IMMIGRANT Leather Slides will live in a digital space while the actual slide lives in the physical. A made to order pair will be sold with the NFT allowing the consumer to not only value/trade the tokenized version, but also appreciate and have daily use of the physical.

Original buyer will be the only holder of physical slides. 

Owner of NFT will have lifetime 25% off per Dionysus order.

Owner will have first access to slides in Metaverse once they become available.


Only 5 editions of each color will ever live in both the digital and physical space.


Physical slides will be constructed and delivered within 6 weeks of original purchase.


This design will never be made again. 

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